Nix-Frix-Shun, Blue Devil 2oz

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NixFrixShun just went there.  We took the world's best Chainlube and gave it a shot of awesome.

Due to small batch production NFS Blue Devil is only available for sale here.

NFS Blue Devil is made for the most extreme conditions without compromise.   Designed for gravel and road riding in challenging conditions.   This would be the one stop shop for rides like DK, 600k Brevet in the rain or RAAM. 

Blue Devil is not perceptively heavier than NFS Ultimate Chainlube you know and love.  Blue Devil is made to outlast even NFS Ultimate when put head to head while keeping to the tradition of suuuuper quiet chains that run clean.

Blue Devil Formula is the Ultimate gravel and road chain lube.  We go where others fear to tread.

Give us your worst, we give you the best.

Blue Devil Q&A:

- What are the main differences between NFS Ultimate and Blue Devil?

Blue Devil is a competition grade chain lubricant made to withstand continuous environmental abuse. 

- Can you use Blue Devil for road riding?

Of course and some road riders who ride long distances and/or in harsh environmental conditions will benefit from Blue Devil's exxxxtra long life and protection.

- Does Blue Devil last as long as NFS Ultimate?

You bet!

- How do you apply Blue Devil to my chain?

Exactly the same as NFS Ultimate.  Apply about 10 to 12 drops TOTAL onto a moving chain, rotate the cranks for 60 seconds than wipe away all visible traces of lube.

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