The collective expertise at the Bicycle Tailor spans over three decades.  We are committed to making your bike work flawlessly.

The Bicycle Tailor prides itself on being honest, meticulous and  performing service at the highest levels in the industry. The service your bicycle receives reflects our commitment to the cycling community.  We recognise that you depend upon your bicycle and our attention to detail for recreation, racing and commuting.  Every repair is test-ridden and double checked by the mechanic and his peers before the bike heads out the door with you.


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Bicycle Service


Fully Refreshed: $299.99

Annual Service with Cleaning: $139.99

Annual Service: $79.99

Kid's Bike Safety Inspection: $49.99

W/ Gears: $79.99

Box Store and Online Bike Service: * $159.99

In addition to the Annual Service with Cleaning the Fully Refreshed offers

 All Annual Service items plus

Adjust Shifting

Adjust Brakes

*Any bike which cannot be bought  at an IBD

Full frame and drivetrain removal and cleaning

Drivetrain removal and cleaning

Adjust Brakes

Drivetrain lubrication

Service will be done with the same level of care as is received by IBD bicycles, however, these bicycles have parts and designs that may prevent optimal performance.

New Pro bar tape or grips

Lateral and Vertical Truing of wheels

Drivetrain lubrication

Tire inflation


New Cables and Housing

Torque all fasteners

Safety Inspection

Tighten Fasteners


Frame and Wheels Cleaned and Polished

Frame Wiped down




30 day free cable adjustment





Excessively dirty bikes $35.00 extra charge

eBikes, tandems, trikes, and recumbents will incur an additional $50 extra charge for addition service requirements

Bicycle Tailor Ala Carte Labour Menus

**Parts are extra**

Tube/Tire Replacement: $15.00 (eBikes, recumbants, tandems extra)

Brake Adjust (Mechanical): $ 30.00

Derailleur Adjustment: $20.00

Hanger Alignment: $35.00

Wheel Truing: $20.00-$40.00

Rotor Truing: $35

Cable Replacement: $30

Cable Replacement (Internal Routing) $50

Brake Bleed: $45.00

Tubeless Set-up: $30.00

Spoke Replacement: $30.00

Assemble: $125.00

Box: $125.00                                                                        

Bike Wash: $35.00-$50.00


Parts and accessories installation is extra.

Excessively dirty bikes=extra charge

Tandems, trikes, and recumbents will incur an additional $25 charge for a tune-up plus and $50 for a complete overhaul

Shop Rate: $85/hour. Shop Minimum: $25.

The labour charges above do not include any parts that may be necessary to complete your bicycle service.  The service writer will include these in your estimate at check-in.  You will be contacted if other parts are necessary beyond those noted by the service writer.


Frame Repair

 All frame repairs are performed at True North Cycles.  Please contact Hugh directly for an accurate estimate. [email protected]