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Spurcycle bells are one of those items that you don't appreciate until you have tried it. Hand-made in California, these bells are the perfect blend of function and style that your bike deserves. It's loud, pleasant and persistent ring lets pedestrians and other trail and road users know you're approaching, or lets your followers know which fork in the trail you've just taken. They're small and light enough to mount inconspicuously on a mountain bike, and aero enough for even the most demanding roadie. Raw and Black versions pair with Titanium, Steel, alloy and carbon frames and components. They also make a wonderful gift for the cyclist in your life.

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John Maaskant 22-01-2017 15:57

As the proud owner of a Opus Andante 1.0, I wanted a bell that worked, yet didn't stick out like a sore thumb. I must say this bell is small and discrete....Until you ring it. ( A beautiful vibrant TING!) Extraordinarily well built, this bell will last years. As for the price I find almost any premium bicycle product to be pricey, but hey, would you put a dollar store bell on a 2500 dollar race bike? Nope, not me either! This little guy is worth every penny! Thanks Bicycle Tailor for a great product & fast service & shipping.

Damian Bradley 15-01-2017 12:43

Some balk at the idea of investing in a bell, but cyclists have been conditioned to look at these items as sub $5 items that are basically disposable. The reality is that bells play an important safety and legal role in the operation of out bicycles both on- and off-road, and frankly I don't see why it shouldn't be subjected to the same level of innovation, quality and competition of any other cycling accessory or component.

The Spurcycle compares well to other bells on the market. The Crane bells are larger, and while they are arguably louder, I wasn't really able to make their form-factor play well with my modern road bike. The spur's ring also persists longer than the crane. I also bought into the Knog Oi kickstarter, and compared the bells side-by-side. I do like and even prefer the ultra-modern aesthetic of the Knog, but found the ring to be just a little too quiet to be much use. The Spurcycle's higher pitch seems to capture the attention of pedestrians and animals on multi-use pathways. I have also had the opportunity to hear the knock-off bells sold on Amazon and can say that they're just just not up to task in looks, construction or sound.

With a lifetime warranty and great company support, it's hard to think of a reason to take away a star from my rating. Perhaps I will remove one with the hopes Spurcycle will continue to innovate and bring us more products we didn't know we wanted but become passionate about.

The raw bell sits on my stainless steel road bike, so the aesthetic is extremely pleasing, and I feel the finish might outlast that of the black bell...though I have had no issues with either. The other bonus of the raw bell is the lower price.

*Disclaimer: Both I and The Bicycle Tailor take product testing seriously. I paid for the item myself to test it thoroughly in order to help decide if the store can stock and recommend it to our friends and customers.

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