Compass 650Bx38 Loup Loup Pass

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Compass Tires, designed by founder Jan Heine and manufactured by Panasonic, are designed to maximize volume and comfort while minimizing rolling resistance and weight. Your choice of compass tire will depend largely on your frame clearance and your intended use.

The Loup Loup Pass is a 650bx38c tire, relatively narrow entry in the 650b tire range. Standard casings will be a better choice if you are venturing further off-road where sidewall damage is more likely, while Extralight casings will provide the best overall ride characteristics while often weighing less than a 28c road tire.

Jan's advice is generally the bigger the better...mount the largest tire your frame will allow to retain the benefits of the larger volume. Most times the 650b wheels will allow you to mount larger tires for a given frame clearance, but every frame is different. Come visit the store if you want to see what will fit.

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