Arkel XM-45 Bikepacking Panier

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Although the XM-45’s will behave on any type of bikes, they were designed with one thing in mind : “offroad” mountain biking. The taller, narrower, hooded, top loading design allows greater heel clearance and maximum compression for swift single track trips or those serious wilderness adventurers who want the most incredibly solid panniers on the market! The XM series offers riders three layers of waterproof protection. For more details see Arkel's waterproof facts.   

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel rain cover.

Cycling adventures do not only take place on the road. A whole lot more can be found off the beaten track and in with the new bikepacking craze, we find that more and more cyclists are combining the joys of both on-road and off-road touring. Thus, touring with gravel bikes or mountain bikes is becoming increasingly popular. And so we’ve adapted the XM-45’s to the physical characteristics of these type of bikes. The XM-45’s offer ample heel clearance which is essential for adventure/gravel bikes and mountain bikes. And the fully loaded overall width of the pair of XM-45’s on a bike rack corresponds to the width of standard handlebars so that if your handlebar can squeeze between those tight spots and turns, your panniers are sure to follow.

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